Upcoming Productions

NCC, Friday Night Improv and Cape Space are hosting a very special Improv Comedy Show on September 14th at Cape Space! Click HERE for tickets!



Friday Night Improv!

New Classics is currently hosting it’s Free Improv Comedy shows every Friday Night at 7:30pm at the Guyer Barn!

As a part of our Upcoming 2017 Summer Season we will be producing 3 Main Stage productions, all World Premiere original plays, and so much more!

Productions include:

bigshakeuppreview The Big Shakeup

Ben Binnion is a fun-loving kid who loves to dance and entertain his classmates, even if it means getting in trouble at school. It isn’t until his girlfriend breaks up with him that he considers buckling down and taking himself more seriously. But when an unexpected tragedy shakes up his world, Ben must decide whether it’s more important to stick with the status quo or embrace his individuality. Written by Maxie Davidson. Directed by Matt Kohler. June 22 – July 1, Thursday to Saturday at 7PM.

cams strike backpreview Cams Strike Back

Brought to you by the team behind I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This: A Tribute to George LucasLaugh It Up Fuzzball: A New Hope, and last summer’s spectacular Sold-Out production, Fuzzball Awakens! This summer, we find the boys moving back to their roots and exploring the classic Star Wars tale, The Empire Strikes Back. Friendships will be tested. Force powers will be revealed. And new friends will be made! Will Brett and Justin make up after last year’s quarrels? Does Matt have a new box for a home? Will the Cams finally stare down the odds and seize the day? Come join in on the silliness as the Fuzzballs battle the Cams, each other, and audience members with cardboard, space puns and as many glow sticks as you can hold in one hand! July 13 – July 22, Thursday to Saturday at 7PM.


Uniting classic theater techniques with a modern message, Fade explores familial relationships in the face of a new foe, and a new perspective on an old disease. Fade follows Henry, an intelligent, witty former college professor who has moved in with his daughter and her husband after receiving a difficult diagnosis. Join us for a journey into conflict, healing, self-preservation, and the coping mechanisms that become eerily real. Written by Greg Parker. Directed By Justin Jay Gray. August 3 – August 12, Thursday to Saturday at 7PM.

24 hoursAs always, NCC will be hosting weekly, Friday Night Improvcomedy shows and don’t miss out on this summer’s special events series! Events will include staged readings, improv workshops, movie screenings, the 3rd Annual 24-Hour Play Festival, and so much more! To find out more information on our special events or how you can get involved, drop us a line at info@newclassicscompany.org!

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