Character Countdown

Ep. 14 The Joker

The boys are back for the final episode of Season 1 with the infamous clown, The Joker! Justin insults Josh’s style, Jake holds a moment of silence for the beloved Adam West, and Josh makes up a fake origin story. Plus the boys finally go bottom up on the Reckoning, finalizing the L.o.C.C. list until Season 2 this fall! Keep an eye out this summer for their one off specials! [...]

Ep. 13 Mr. Miyagi

The boys return for everyone's favorite sensei, Mr. Miyagi. Justin reveals John Kreese for who he really is, Jake talks a lot about Sato, and Josh introduces complex mathematical formulas. Plus, the boys review the L.o.C.C. List so far in preparation for next week's Reckoning! [...]

Ep. 12 Voldemort

The boys (and girl) head to Hogwarts for our least favorite villain, Voldemort! Justin realizes why you shouldn't call a character "fun" if you've compared them to Hitler, Jake imagines that Voldemort listens to the Smiths, and Josh is replaced again by his arch nemesis, Uncle Suzie. Plus they reveal the first of their Character Countdown Summer Specials, coming soon... [...]

Ep. 11 Rocky Balboa

This week the boys (and girl!) tackle the Italian Stallion, Rocky Balboa! Justin screams "Draaaaaaagooooo", Jake screams "Addriiiiaaaann", and Josh is replaced by Uncle Suzie! Plus, the Reckoning has been delayed... [...]

Ep. 10 Gandalf

The boys head to Middle Earth for everyone's favorite wizard, Gandalf! Justin mispronounces a lot of Tolkien names, Jake is still really quiet, and Josh is surprisingly generous! Plus, the boys begin to talk about the coming Reckoning! [...]

Ep. 9 Elaine Benes

The boys set their sights on the first member of the Seinfeld gang with Elaine Benes. Justin sounds like Kermit the frog, Jake is REALLY quiet, and Josh once again outs himself as a French terrorist! [...]

Ep. 8 Homer Simpson

The boys head to Springfield for their first cartoon character, America’s favorite dad, Homer Simpson. Justin mispronounces Matt Groening’s name, Jake has some trouble with math, and Josh praises the French. Plus, our special guest returns one final time! [...]

Ep. 7 Spider-Man

This week the boys learn about great power, but can't quite get a hang on the responsibility part! This week they add the first super hero to L.o.C.C list, with Spider-Man. Justin does his research on Wikipedia, Jake imagines a day in the life of a Spider-Man superfan, and Josh can't get his mind off of Batman. Plus, our special guest returns! [...]

Ep. 6 Princess Leia

4/30/17 The boys take their first step into a galaxy far, far away with the one and only Princess Leia! Justin reads some quotes, Jake tries to avoid mentioning the metal bikini, and Josh knows nothing (but what else is new)! Plus the boys are joined by a special guest! [...]

Ep. 5 Donkey Kong

4/23/17 The boys head for the jungle with our first video game character, the OG, Donkey Kong! Justin's still sick, Jake gets his mind blown, and Josh realizes he's the hen in the fox house! [...]