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Huge thanks to all of our supporters this year who helped fund our 2017 Summer Season!


Corporate Sponsors

The Louver Shop of Northern New England                        Bros of Our Lives

Producer’s Circle

Jamieson Horton, Maxie Davidson, John Pomeroy

Director’s Circle

Greg Parker, John Sullivan, Christopher Davidson, Antonia Martin, David Chapman, Jason Mellin, AJ Gray, Lai Siew, Rosa Maria Prado, Amy Canaday, Rosemary Harrigan


Vanessa Varjian, Margaret Mackenzie-Betty, Channing Shippen, Patrick Hemberger, Gabrielle Fontaine, James Pettibone, Brian and Ana Pacella, Jamie and Ken Freeman, Jamie Lynne Stuart-Price, Sam Kossow, Jocelyn Coombs, Justin Gray, Vana Trudeau, Terri Orlando

Best Friend

Mike Regan, Brittany Hines, Lisa Cavanaugh, Melissa Hersh


Alex Woodward, Devin Massarsky, Donna Plumb, Chelsea Hedderig, Bryan Joseph, Margaret Leary, Shauna Joseph



Here at New Classics Company our mission is simple, to provide professional quality original theater with the lowest cost to our audiences. This means that while we’re up and running, our profits provide us just enough support us to keep going. We have been running successfully throughout the entire year with our super popular, Friday Night Improv performances, as well as one-off productions here and there and classes. Thanks to generous donations throughout the year and our successful spring fundraiser we have been able to fully fund our hugely exciting 2017 season! Our FIFTH Year as a company!



Other Ways to Get Involved

We’re always looking for volunteers, so if you find yourself in the Cape Cod area this summer, drop us a line and find out how you can be a part of the team. NCC is in dire need of assistance with box office and house keeping duties, set construction, and tech help for our shows. We’re also always looking for people interested in joining us as artists. If you have a script you’d like us to consider send it our way. If you’re a performer interested in joining one of our shows or our improv troupe, send us your resume and headshot. If your band is interested in performing with us send us some samples of your work. We’re always looking to get new and enthusiastic artists involved, so get in touch today. You can always reach us through email at


If you would like to make a financial donation to NCC follow the link below! And thanks!

To Donate Press the Link Here

and Type in the amount you would like to contribute!

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