The Official New Classics Company Podcast

Button LogoJoin New Classics Co-founders Matt Kohler, Justin Jay Gray, and Brett Burkhardt every summer as they bring updates about the happenings at the barn straight to your earholes! Plus they’ll be sitting down with NCC artists, discussing their upcoming shows, and telling some of their favorite stories! Click below to listen to each episode, or subscribe to the New Classics Company Podcast through the iTunes store!

Ep. 1 Maxie Davidson

Matt, Justin, and Brett sit down with Maxie Davidson, resident artist, improv performer, and writer of the 2017 summer season opener The Big Shakeup!

Ep. 2 Danny Price

Justin, Brett, and Greg sit down with Danny Price, New Classics Improv Director!

Ep. 3 Tribute Shows

Justin, Matt, Brett, and Greg sit down to talk about their tribute shows and the origins of the New Classics Company. Plus they throw out some ideas for future tribute shows!

Ep. 4 24 Hour Plays/Fade

Matt, Brett, and Justin sit down with NCC Resident Artist Greg Parker. He’s taking us through the production process of the upcoming 3rd Annual 24 Hour Play Festival. Plus a sneak peak at our final mainstage show of the season, Fade!

Ep. 5 5th Year Celebration

In honor of New Classics 5th Anniversary, a special event was held at the Guyer Barn, during which we conducted a live podcast recording! One paint room, a rotating roster of NCC artists, and some of the weirdest conversations you’ve ever heard! Listen now to our very special 5th Year Celebration episode!

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