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The New Classics Podcast Network

As part of our commitment to producing and supporting 21st century art, the New Classics Company hosts a number of podcasts here on our site. Click on each link to find out more and listen to episode from NCC’s podcast network!

The Official New Classics Company Podcast

 Join New Classics co-founders Matt Kohler, Justin Jay Gray, and Brett Burkhardt as they sit down with New Classics artists, discuss New Classics shows, and tell some of their favorite New Classics stories! This is the show that’s all about New Classics, and they’re bringing it all straight to your earholes!

Character Countdown

Writer/director Justin Jay Gray and actor Jake Mosser sit down with a rotating cast of guests to explore some of the most beloved classic characters from film, television, literature, and more. Putting them through their power rankings, they’ll attempt to rate and rank them in an effort to figure out just what makes them so classic!


Matt Kohler, Matt Manning, Bob Crosby, John Pomeroy, Maxie Davidson and more gather together each week to reflect on one of the greatest reality shows of our time. Drunken ramblings, surprise fires, and much more fill this hilarious podcast that Jeff Probst would surely approve of. The tribe has spoken!


Join the exciting adventures of the fine folks at Game o’ the Week as they discover new board games, card games, tabletop games and more! Listen as Matt, Matt, Sarah, and Mike talk about their likes, dislikes, snack pairings, and so much more about that week’s GAME O’ THE WEEK and maybe uncover a new hobby for yourself!

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