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Halloween Special – Aries: A Radio Drama

Looking for something spooky this Halloween? Then sit yourself down and take a listen to Aries! An original, sci-fi, horror radio drama by Brett Burkhardt. Produced by the New Classics Company this short is sure to leave you with chills!!! [...]

Ep. 5 5th Year Celebration

In honor of New Classics 5th Anniversary, a special event was held at the Guyer Barn, during which we conducted a live podcast recording! One paint room, a rotating roster of NCC artists, and some of the weirdest conversations you've ever heard! Listen now to our very special 5th Year Celebration episode! [...]

Ep. 4 24 Hour Plays/Fade

Matt, Brett, and Justin sit down with NCC Resident Artist Greg Parker. He's taking us through the production process of the upcoming 3rd Annual 24 Hour Play Festival. Plus a sneak peak at our final mainstage show of the season, Fade! [...]

Ep. 3 Tribute Shows

Justin, Matt, Brett, and Greg sit down to talk about their tribute shows and the origins of the New Classics Company. Plus they throw out some ideas for future tribute shows! [...]

Ep. 2 Danny Price

We sit down with New Classics Improv Director Danny Price. He's sharing some secrets about how to create great improv scenes, some of his favorite stories, plus a sneak peak at his upcoming free workshop! Plus resident artist Greg Parker comes along for the ride! [...]

Ep. 1 Maxie Davidson

Welcome to the official New Classics Company Podcast, you're one stop for all of your NCC updates! For our first episode we're joined by Maxie Davidson, resident artist, improv performer, and writer of The Big Shake Up! We're talking all about Maxie's journey as an artist, as well as some of our favorite New Classics moments. Plus a look at the upcoming events calendar! [...]

Ep. 14 The Joker

The boys are back for the final episode of Season 1 with the infamous clown, The Joker! Justin insults Josh’s style, Jake holds a moment of silence for the beloved Adam West, and Josh makes up a fake origin story. Plus the boys finally go bottom up on the Reckoning, finalizing the L.o.C.C. list until Season 2 this fall! Keep an eye out this summer for their one off specials! [...]

Ep. 13 Mr. Miyagi

The boys return for everyone's favorite sensei, Mr. Miyagi. Justin reveals John Kreese for who he really is, Jake talks a lot about Sato, and Josh introduces complex mathematical formulas. Plus, the boys review the L.o.C.C. List so far in preparation for next week's Reckoning! [...]

Casting Opportunities For Fade!

Casting Notice! The New Classics Company is looking to cast a number of roles in their world premiere production of Fade. Written by Greg Parker, Fade tells the story of [...]

Ep. 12 Voldemort

The boys (and girl) head to Hogwarts for our least favorite villain, Voldemort! Justin realizes why you shouldn't call a character "fun" if you've compared them to Hitler, Jake imagines that Voldemort listens to the Smiths, and Josh is replaced again by his arch nemesis, Uncle Suzie. Plus they reveal the first of their Character Countdown Summer Specials, coming soon... [...]