Meet the Performers: Friday Night Improv

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NCC’s Friday Night Improv Troupe

We have some extremely talented  and hilarious folks who work with us on a weekly basis! Learn more about them below!

Danny Price

Danny of House Price, first of his name, hails from the village of Marstons Mills, though a few years ago he annexed an apartment in North Falmouth as the seat of his kingdom. He is master of his domain- his authority super-ceded by none* (authority super-ceded by his queen, two cats, and a stuffed bear.) Danny is thrilled to work with New Classics Company in his quest to bring mirth and merriment to the masses.


Matt Manning

Matt works as a carpenter during the week. He spends his free time trying to find meaning in the coffee stains in the carpet. His humor is derived from old cartoons and a sci-fi novel he read on a train in 2004.

Maxie Davidson

Maxie traveled far from an alternative dimension- wait……sorry, that’s government information….um- she was born and raised on Cape Cod. She graduated from University of Rhode Island in 2011 with a B.A. in Film Media Studies and Classical Studies and studied with Improv Boston.

Her first show with the New Classics Company was in Matt Kohler’s Georgie’s Full Swing as Custodian Jane in 2014.

Since then, she’s performed in the New Classics Improv Troupe and wrote a short play for their 24 Hour Play Festival (Blue Moon, 2015). Maxie has been teaching dance and Pilates on the Cape for the past six years, so she knows how to watch her language around the youngins. When she’s not busy playing Six Degrees of Separation with her husband, John Pomeroy, she’s Netflixing (no chill) with their cat-son, Koufax. Now she has to hope that the next leap is the final leap home…well, back to the couch, anyway.


Chelsea Hedderig

She’s a science girl living in a science world. Chelsea thinks trees are amazing and she’s motivated by stickers.


John Pomeroy

Born in the city of Boston, John moved to the Cape in 1992, when he was five years old. That means he’s a local now, and no longer a wash-ashore, right? RIGHT??

He loves performing comedy, especially when he manages to say something funny. He and his wife, Maxie Davidson, are the only married improv comedy couple on Cape Cod that are also featured on this website. They live in their house in Yarmouth with their cat, Koufax, where the three of them watch movies, yell during Bruins games, and eat Fancy Feast.


Jamie Horton

An aspiring Elizabethan playwright, Jamie wages an unending psychological battle against his nemeses, Reality and Mediocrity. While in his corporeal state, he is a videographer, video editor, part-time actor, writer, and adorer of classic poetry. In his non-corporeal state, he is the Azure Prince of Cloud Cuckoo Land, and enjoys offerings of Cerulean Apples.


Sam Buck

Sam woke up on the doorstep of the Guyer Art Barn with no memory of his past. The members of the New Classics raised him as one of their own, teaching him the ways of improv. A college student by day and an improvisor by night, Sam hopes to stop the crime of this city with laughter and his signature smile.


Bobby McGaughey

Bobby McGaughey is a caffeine dependent lifeform with a zest for all things funny. Bobby was a graduate of Improv Asylum’s Training Center and joined New Classics Company’s Friday Night Improv in the summer of 2015. While he’s not making stuff up and doing Sean Connery impressions, Bobby enjoys breakfast, lunch, dinner and serenading his peers with the soulful sounds of S Club 7.