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Alison McRae: Graphic Journalin

Having grown up in a family of creative minds, Ali was inclined to create her own art from an early age. While she was young, her mother started her own business painting in other people’s homes. This type of work was fascinating to Ali and she became interested in drawing, painting and typography. Having been seriously involved in the dance world through most of her childhood and college, this pen and paper work had always been strictly for pleasure. Throughout her elective credit classes at Keene State College, she began creating what she now calls “graphic journals” throughout her notes taken for class. Her journaling usually began with some words, thoughts, colors or pictures that were valid to the specific time in her life, and continued to grow into something eye-catching. Because of her extreme patience and attention to detail, she created a challenge for herself throughout the process of creating each page: to fill as much space as possible with ink. This became a serious interest and eventually an addicting habit for her. Having created many journal pages not only for herself, but also for other close friends and family members, Ali hopes to continue to create and share this unorthodox style of ‘journaling’.


“” was created during the first few weeks Ali spent moving in to her first apartment in Manhattan. This move had been a huge, largely anticipated step for her and the page features a few songs that stood out as comfort tunes during this time.



This piece was a rough draft of a rough time; living in a sort of purgatory between chapters in her life, Ali found some pen and ink time between long work shifts as a chef in Hebron, CT.


Merely Freshman

As the title suggests, this solid blue page was created throughout the first month or so of Ali’s freshman year of college. Lots of leftover thoughts from high school, as well as pondering some new and old emotions.


Peace. Love. Fries

The last bit of life at KSC, leading into a month-long dance festival at Bates College, Ali had worked at a Belgian Fry shop through most of her time in Keene, NH and became very attached to her family of co-workers. They were constantly spreading the good vibes; peace, love and fries.



The most recent of all her graphic journal pages, ‘Kharmor’ was based off Ali’s love and interest in the human body, spirit and mind. There are also tidbits about her yoga training, chakra work and current room mates in Manhattan.

Ali is a performer, dancer, and artist, currently living in Washington Heights, New York City. New Classics is thrilled to be sharing her work!




Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come, and don’t forget to comment below about what you’d like to see more of.



Written by Brett Burkhardt

Presented by the New Classics Company

Originally produced by Electric Lunch, Aries is an exciting new sci-fi, horror radio play released just in time for Halloween. Written by NCC Co-founder Brett Burkhardt Aries was originally presented by the New Classics Company as part of their Summer 2015 staged reading series. Now hear a fully realized version of the young Aries ordeal aboard Ultra-20 Class Space Cruiser Indignation, as she drifts through space with her trusty companions Arty and Persa. Listen for free below, or make a donation to download at

The Planet Helen Project

Born out Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.25.19 PMof the minds of NCC Founders Brett Burkhardt, Matt Kohler, Justin Gray, and Greg Parker, The Planet Helen Project is an epic fantasy, sci-fi saga that takes place in a massive shared fictional universe. Set on the planet Helen, the project began with each writer creating a single character, and exploring the setting from their point of view. As the project grew and expanded, each writer helped explore and define a different section of the world, and in doing so drew the strands of a rich and vibrant setting. Now that world belongs to you. At the Planet Helen Project we accept work from any and all potential contributors who are excited at the idea of shared art. Help us develop our ever expanding encyclopedia, containing terms, characters, creatures, and locations. Help us to develop our maps or renderings or scenes and creatures. No matter what your artistry, you can be a part of You can be a part of the Planet Helen Project. Check out our current work and find how to get involved today!

Georgie’s Full Swing

Welcome to the first entry in the NCC Digital Archive. To get you started, here’s a short clip from one of New Classics’ first shows Georgie’s Full Swing. The infamous training montage. This scene is still one of our favorites. Tell us what yours was!

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