Brett Burkhardt


Brett Burkhardt (Co-Founder/Resident Artist): As the youngest of nine children, life has been an interesting journey for Brett. He was born in Long Island, raised in New Hampshire, and traveled the country collecting mailing addresses. Brett also graduated from Keene State College in 2011 with a Summa Cum Laude in Theatre and Dance. Since then, he has pursued his dream alongside his college peers. Even when Brett moved to Miami he remained active within his community. Here he stage managed  La Noche I. Delicatissima,  wrote and  performed a radio drama, and volunteered as a Studio Assistant to his eldest brother, Brian Burkhardt. Brett then returned to the North East, where he became Stage Manager for the 2014-Professional Season at The Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH.  He had the honor of Managing their first national tour of A Christmas Carol, which spanned from Ogdensberg (NY) to Texarkana (TX). Yet no matter how far he’s traveled, Brett is constantly searching for the next collaborative adventure. Thus, he would like to personally invite you to join him in search of the creative adventure that is life. Welcome!

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