Born as the pipe dream of three former college classmates, the New Classics Company was formed in the summer of 2013 by Brett Burkhardt, Matt Kohler, and Justin Jay Gray, as a way to help them self-produce their three man production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged. Since that time, they have blossomed into a full fledged theatre company, intent on creating exciting and original work for a new generation of theatre goers.


Devoted to the reinvigoration of theatre, the New Classics Company seeks to produce exciting, original work, as well as reimagined classic works. In addition, New Classics prides itself on its commitment to communication between art forms, seeking to create a large network of artists across a vast range of disciplines, embracing the theatre’s nature to inspire collaboration between all art forms. Relying heavily on modern dramatic techniques, such as projections, audience interactions, and environmental staging, NCC strives to help push the art form fully into the 21st century, and create the next generation of classic theatre. Above all, NCC remains committed to engaging with it’s mission by providing professional quality entertainment at minimal cost to the audience.

Our Team:

JUSTIN JAY GRAY- Co-Founder/Artistic Director     – justin@newclassicscompany.org

MATT KOHLER- Co-Founder/Executive Director     – matt@newclassicscompany.org

BRETT BURKHARDT- Co-Founder/Resident Artist     -brett@newclassicscompany.org

GREG PARKER- Resident Artist     -greg@newclassicscompany.org

DANNY PRICE- Improv Director      – danny@newclassicscompany.org

ETHAN STEELE- Technical Director     -ethan@newclassicscompany.org

SARAH DEVER- Resident Artist     -sarah@newclassicscompany.org

JESS EMERSON- Education Director     -jess@newclassicscompany.org

MAXIE DAVIDSON- Resident Artist     -maxie@newclassicscompany.org

JAMIE LYNNE STUART-PRICE- Resident Artist     -jamielynne@newclassicscompany.org

MATT MANNING- Resident Artist     -mattm@newclassicscompany.org

JOHN POMEROY- Resident Artist     -john@newclassicscompany.org

DAVID ORLANDO- Resident Artist     -david@newclassicscompany.org